You Need These Essential Oils ASAP

Eastwood City Uptown Bonifacio

March 12, 2020

Considering the daily grind and stress, the need for something soothing is just inevitable. We listed down bottles of relief that are just made from heaven:

The Body Shop

Photo by The Body Shop

Aside from the comfort that the aroma of Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil has, this oil has powerful skin purifying and immunity boosting properties, which makes it impossible for you not to click add to cart.

The Body Shop is located at UGF, Uptown Mall

L'Occitane en Provence

Photo by L'occitane en Provence

If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, L’occitane en Provence’s Aromachologie Repairing Oil can be your mood uplifter. Plus, this oil includes sweet almond oil, tons of vitamins and omega 9, as well as five essential oils with regenerating properties which is an additional perk for those who are experiencing hair problems. Good news: it also relieves headaches!

L’occitane en Provence is located at GF, Newport Mall

Human Nature

Photo by Human Nature

If you’re one of those who loves zesty scent, Human Nature’s grapefruit peels is ideal for you. Aside from that you’ll love the how this oil solves skin and tummy problems with just a few massages.

Human Nature is located at GF, Eastwood Excelsior

Healthy Options

Photo by Healthy Options

Healthy Option’s Lemon Oil and Tea Tree Oil works like a charm when it comes to inducing calmness in mind. Lemon Oil also improves digestion, mood, and headaches. 

Healthy Options is located at 2F, Uptown Mall

Mia Maison


Mia Maison offers an Immunity-Boosting Aroma Oils.  This includes 4 scents in water-based oil that not just strengthen the defenses against foreign bodies but also refreshes the aroma of your home.

Mia Maison is located at 2F, Uptown Mall

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