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YOUR WEEKLY GRUB: 4 Spots to Devour your Favorite Slab of Steaks

  • Forbes Town
  • Eastwood City
  • Newport Mall
  • Uptown Bonifacio
Nov 21, 2019

Just when your carnivorous cravings won’t subside, here’s the ultimate list where you can find the best chunk of meat.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

Photo by: Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

For a quality, meat, nothing beats Wolfgang’s signature, Porterhouse Steak cut from USDA Prime Black Angus. You won’t believe that this glorious chunk is dry-aged for 28 days. This is to ensure a deep rich flavor you’ll never forget! 

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is located at  2/F, Newport Mall

Melo's Steak House

Photo by: Melo's Steak House

Melo’s has been a pro in serving the highest-quality of Angus Beef since 1987.  They mastered the art of delighting a steak lover's tummy through their succulent cut of Wagyu Tenderloin Grade 12 Foie Gras.

Melo's Steak House is located at G/F, Forbes Town

Salvatore Cuomo & Bar Philippines

Photo by: Salvatore Cuomo & Bar Philippines

One of the world’s most famous Italian restaurants, Salvatore Cuomo & Bar got the juiciness and perfection you’re looking for. You’ll find their Bistecca alla Fiorentina a very satisfying meal that is definitely worth more than its price tag. 

Salvatore Cuomo & Bar Philippines is located at G/F, Uptown Parade

House Of Wagyu

Photo by: House Of Wagyu

If you’re in search of the right doneness, House of Wagyu is the perfect fine dining restaurant for you. You get to relax and see your steaks get cooked on hot stone grills. So whether you want your meat to be medium-rare or well-done, you’ll get exactly what you crave for.

House Of Wagyu is located at G/F, Eastwood Mall

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