Quarantine Activities You Should Try When You Miss Going to Malls in BGC

Uptown Bonifacio Venice Grand Canal Mall

April 6, 2020

Since malls in BGC are closed due to the enhanced community quarantine, there are still ways of entertaining yourself on a daily basis.  We know that some of you are bored considering that you have to stay inside the house for a period of time.

However, there are still ways of having fun despite the given situation! Nowadays, people have been trying a lot of activities since they have plenty of time to accomplish them. Do you want to be one of them?

In this post, we have rounded up three quarantine activities that you should try when you miss going to malls in BGC. If you don’t have anything to do, maybe you can try an idea from here. Have fun reading!


  1. Make a delicious food

Nowadays, people have been making their own recipes due to restaurants and other food chains being closed. As they say, it wouldn’t be a problem if you won’t make it one, right? Instead of being sulky, take out some ingredients in your refrigerator and make a delicious meal for you and your family.

If you’re not a chef, then just be a chef at heart. You could follow some recipes online for you to try. Who knows? Maybe you’d do great! It only takes an effort to reach success. End your cravings now, and be delighted afterward!


  1. Inflate a pool!

Summer is at its peak, causing Filipinos to be tired and low-spirited all day long. In situations like this, having an alternative to feel fresh and cold is the best thing to do.

Since malls in BGC are closed, there aren’t available places to go where heat isn’t felt at all. If you have a small or big swimming pool at home, it would be best to inflate it now and enjoy the rest of the day soaking yourself in it.

When you are not annoyed by the heat, you’re going to be happy and content. Have fun swimming!


  1. Call a friend

Due to the enhanced community quarantine, it would be best to contact your friends and even your relatives. Not a call just to say hello, but a call to ask if they’re all good. We are a hundred percent sure that you miss them! If possible, talk to them and share your day.

A good friend will always make you feel alright whatever the situation is. In fact, you can permanently rely on your friends to be there for you. Call them now!


There’s no shame in being bored. However, isn’t it fun to be productive even for once in a while? No matter what the situation is, there are still fun activities to do when stuck inside the house. Trust us; you got this!

When this is over, be sure to visit malls in BGC to feel good again.

A friendly reminder from us: wear face masks and stay at home in the meantime.