K-drama time! Prepare these must-haves for a more fun binge-watching 

Eastwood City Forbes Town

August 27, 2021

Crazy for Korean dramas? With a long weekend coming, you may feel like this is your chance to catch up on your long list of must-watch series. K-dramas, or any other type of series for that matter, let us rest and relax while being entertained at home. So, are you ready for the ultimate K-drama marathon? We have some tips and Korean food recommendations for more good times while binge-watching! 

Create a checklist

From fantasy to rom-coms to thrillers, which K-drama genre are you in the mood for? Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed! Create a checklist on your phone or on a piece of paper, and write the titles one by one, so you’ll be able to make time for each of them. Your oppas, unnies, and favorite ships are waiting! 

Set the mood

For a more comfortable time, make sure you’ve done your house duties first so there’s nothing that will stop you from crying or laughing your way along with your current K-drama obsession! It could be feeding your pet, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, or anything else assigned to you. Once you’ve crossed them out, you can focus on your screen 100%! 

Order your Korean cravings!

K-dramas often show Korean food, which will make any viewer hungry! Before pressing play, why not order Korean dishes so you’re ready to munch along with your favorite characters.

Did you know that Kimchinigang exists? Yes, it is a fusion of kimchi and sinigang that will make any K-drama loving Pinoy scream their hearts out in kilig! It has pork belly that melts in your mouth, and a blend of kimchi soup and sour sinigang soup. You can order this from Locavore at Forbes Town. Contact them at 0917 574 2017.  

Get an authentic Korean samgyeopsal experience at Jin Joo Korean Grill! They deliver Korean dishes and meats straight to your homes, so while you get your hearts full with wonderful tales, your stomachs will be filled with good food, too! Jin Joo has a branch at Eastwood City. You can also contact them on Viber at 0917 255 5578 or order from GrabFood or foodpanda.

Did you notice how K-drama characters almost always have ramyun instant noodle packs in their kitchen pantries? Watching them cook it and slurp a mouthful will instantly make you crave. Make sure you’ve got one at hand! Order in advance from The Marketplace, and make a steaming hot bowl for your binge-watching sessions! Contact The Marketplace at 0966 281 9677 / 8815 1394.  

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