These dining spots in Fort Bonifacio are now open for quick catch-ups

Forbes Town Uptown Bonifacio

September 18, 2021

With the daily grind, household duties and other commitments, and not to mention the prolonged effect of the pandemic, finding time to catch up with friends can feel nearly impossible.  

As restaurants are now back to accepting dine-in customers, doing that long overdue catch-up with friends is now closer to reality. For those finally spotting a gap in their calendars and looking forward to locking in a date, both Uptown Bonifacio and Forbes Town are home to top-notch restaurants and dining spots that do not only offer delicious food but also ensure the safety of diners with their first-rate health and safety protocols, and fully vaccinated staff.

As a bonus, more restaurants are welcoming vaccinated diners with discounts and other exclusive deals.  Diners can bring and present their vaccination cards to redeem the promos.

Here’s a list of Uptown Bonifacio and Forbes Town restaurants that are perfect for quick catch-ups.

Uptown Bonifacio

Mall Hours: 10AM – 9PM

Wildflour Cafe

Ready to give diners an eclectic menu of brunch and dinner specials, plus the widest selection of breads, pastries and baked delights, Wildflour Cafe promises a satisfying and delightful experience every visit.  Aside from its bestsellers and well-loved breads, Wildflour Cafe is also offering a delightful selection of pizzas, gelatos and more.  The first Grab-and-Go concept of Wildflour boasts  a full view of the bakery for a more immersive experience. More outdoor dining spaces are also available at the alfresco area where diners can enjoy a nice view of Uptown Bonifacio’s skyline, streetscape and greeneries. It also has a pick-up counter, which allows customers to order from outside the cafe. 

Contact Wildflour Cafe at 8-365-3872 or send a direct message to @wildflourmanila on Facebook or Instagram. 


Spoil mom with an eclectic dinner of different international cuisines. The European Diner knows just how to do that

Take your friends to an exciting gustatory Western trip in The European Diner (TED) at Uptown Bonifacio! This specialty restaurant serves up Spanish, Italian, and Greek cuisines that will let guests taste refreshing flavors. For an appetizer, try the Greek Chicken Souvlaki, which is a generous serving of 24 hour-marinated chicken, grilled and served with vegetables, and handmade Pita bread. Dip it in the homemade Tzatziki sauce! 

Contact TED at 0927 762 3906 for reservations and inquiries.

MGyuu Steaks

At MGyuu Steaks, the bigger, the bolder, the better! You and your barkada can go for the surf and turf goodness with juicy, generous, and exquisite flavors. Must-tries are the Japanese Saga Wagyu and American Prime Ribeye Steak which you can pair with lobster tail with lemon butter sauce. Sizzled to perfection, every dish in their menu is as special and luxurious as can be.

Contact MGyuu Steaks at: 0928 796 1369 for reservations and inquiries.

Easy Tiger

Easy, Tiger

Specializing in Thai cuisine, Easy, Tiger in Uptown Bonifacio serves delicious and authentic Thai favorites that Filipinos will love. The overall look of the place is rustic and cozy, with lots of wooden and colorful designs. Book a reservation here with your buddies and enjoy the vibe of the place with Pad Thai, Fried Spring Rolls, Tom Yum, and of course, Sticky Mango Rice!

Contact Easty Tiger at: 0917 325 3198 / 0926 112 6189 / 0995 746 2041 for reservations and inquiries.

Tim Ho Wan

How cool is an alfresco dim sum party? Plan a weekend out with your friends and head to Tim Ho Wan! Tim Ho Wan is famous for their selections of premium dim sums. Seafood cravings? Order the Prawn Dumplings. If you like pork and seafood together, buy a batch of freshly-steamed Pork Dumplings with Shrimp. Going the healthy route? Try the Steamed Spinach Dumpling with Shrimp!

Contact Tim Ho Wan at: 0945 330 3451 / 0945 330 3466 / 0917 596 3510 for reservations and inquiries.

More restaurants in Uptown Bonifacio are now open for dine-in!

Missed dining in? More restaurants in Uptown Bonifacio are now open for dining indoors and alfresco.

It’s always a good time to have pizza! Pizza Express (UGF, Uptown Mall) has sumptuous pizza flavors which are new to the palate! Try a serving of their Funghi di Bosco, Sloppy Vegan Romana, or the Pollo Ad Astra!

For handcrafted udon bowls, tempura, katsu, dine in at Japanese restaurant Marugame Udon (UGF, Uptown Mall),

So, if you’re dreaming of pizza, pasta, cheese, and vegetables for lunch or dinner, it’s time to go Italian with Mamma Mia! (UGF, Uptown Mall).

Created by 2016 Asia’s Best Female Chef Margarita Forés, Italian restaurant Cibo (UGF, Uptown Mall) will let you have your fill of authentic and modern Italian faves.

Haven’t tried Israeli street food yet? Head over to Falafel Yo (3F, Uptown Mall) and enjoy their array of Falafel sandwiches, hummus, tahini, pita fries, and more. 

Mazesoba fans would know that Menya Kokoro (3F Uptown Mall) serves the best bowls in Manila! The restaurant was first started by Japanese Chef Takuma Ishikawa in Japan in 2013, before eventually reaching the Philippine shores.

For home-cooked meals that warm the heart, Cafe Mary Grace (4F Uptown Mall)  is your best bet. After dining in and enjoying their breakfast dishes and pasta selections, don’t forget to take home their popular ensaymadas and cheese rolls!

Denny’s is here to deliver power breakfasts that will keep your energy going! Dine here in the morning to brighten up your day.

Get the full Italian food experience without leaving the country — just go to Salvatore Cuomo (GF Uptown Parade)  and experience an authentic Italian gastronomic adventure!

Livestock Restaurant and Bar (3F Uptown Parade) serves pork dishes for your pig out days. To have the ultimate good time, order their juicy Crackling Pork Belly!


Mall Hours: 10AM – 9PM

Shaka Cafe

Make your barkada island plans come true by visiting Shaka Cafe at Forbes Town. A favorite spot in Siargao, Bohol, and Cebu, Shaka Cafe is now serving their creative and organic smoothie bowls, coffee selections, breakfast meals, sandwiches, and vegetarian drinks in Manila. For the ultimate beach vibe, try the Cloud 9 Kook! It’s a smoothie bowl made from a combination of banana, peanut butter, cacao and coconut milk.

Contact Shaka Cafe at: 0968 50 0779 for inquiries and reservations


L'Entrecote, Forbes Town

With a friendly atmosphere, Swiss-French restaurant L’Entrecote is a perfect place to unwind with amazing food. Bring your best buds here and order plates of Angus beef steaks! This signature dish is made from U.S. Certified Angus Choice Sirloin Steak topped with their Secret Herb Butter Sauce and served with homemade fries and house salad. They have ample outdoor seating so you can savor the dishes in a fresh atmosphere.

Contact L’Entrecote at: 8856 4858 / 0915 885 7622  for inquiries and reservations

Southern Grind Bistro

Go on a trip to the South with your pals! Southern Grind Bistro in Forbes Town specializes in Classic Southern Hits like their 6-hour Hickory Smoked St. Louis Cut Premium Pork Ribs. Their mouthwatering recipes will surely become an instant favorite at gatherings! 

Contact Southern Grind Bistro at: 0917 815 2773 for inquiries and reservations

Rue Bourbon

With a wide menu of savory eats and choices of booze, the Mardi Gras-inspired restaurant Rue Bourbon is a go-to place for barkada night outs. This watering hole in Forbes Town has extended their alfresco setups and allotted more spaces for seating. Go here for a chill evening. We suggest you try their house caramel beer! 

Contact Rue Bourbon at: 0917 718 6155 for inquiries and reservations

Popular dining enclaves of Forbes Town are also back to accepting dine-in customers at their alfresco and indoor dining areas.

Loft Cafe in Forbes Town makes Pinoy comfort food with inspirations from New York and Los Angeles cuisines. Order the Truffled Beef Pares for a modern twist you’ll love.

Put a spin to your barkada lunch with Melo’s Steakhouse. This upscale restaurant is practically an institution when it comes to top-notch steaks and meats in the metro.

Locavore has a variety of fusion dishes that will tickle your taste buds. They have Pho Lalo, a delicious blend of Vietnamese noodle soup Pho, and the Filipino beef soup dish Bulalo; and Kimchinigang, which is a blend of Pinoy favorite ulam sinigang mixed with the spiciness of Korean kimchi.

Time for tempura! Tendon Kohaku elevates the tempura experience to new heights, beginning by using only the freshest ingredients. Some of the best on their menu are the Kohaku Tendon, Shrimp Tendon, and Seafood Tendon which all carry that authentic Japanese flavor. 

If you’re looking for a Japanese steakhouse destination, go to Wagyu Japanese Beef at Forbes Town! You’ll be amazed at their supply of Wagyu slabs with remarkable marbling.

When you’re in Forbes Town, you just have to grab a bite of Spanish! Visit Bistro Madrid for a fresh perspective on Spanish cuisine and flavors.

Get a bowl of happiness from Hanamaruken. This Japanese ramen joint, with over 40 branches in Osaka, is famous for their Happiness Ramen made with a tender and slow-braised soft bone pork rib.

For a trip to the Middle East, take your squad to Noor. We are delighted to recommend their Lamb Baklava, made from layers of phyllo pastry with lamb and beef.

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