February 5, 2020

Nothing beats Pinoys when it comes to shopping. It is ingrained deeply in our culture, that we have come to the extent of coining a term for our favorite national past time called “Malling.” Here’s why strolling to malls are better than scrolling through your mobile phones:

1. You can spot everything under one roof


Trust us when we say that you’ll find even the most unexpected things here. From your favorite snacks, furniture, office supplies, OOTDs, and everything in between. You’ll bump into things whether or not you’re looking for them.

2. You can experience the product first-hand


There’s no doubt how sneakerheads or aspiring fashion icons absolutely love getting the right fit. Lucky for us these shopping centers allow us to try on tons of outfits. It’s also good to consider that the availability of sizes is limitless. You may explore 

3. Get anything without panic


It’s nice when you can quickly grab something the last-minute or you can drop by, get what you need, and be done in an instant. You’ll always feel assured with anything you’re looking for. Definitely an instant happy boost!

4. Enjoy quality bonding time with your loved ones


Malling is beyond grabbing your favorite treats and buying clothes. It also means getting to spend quality time with your loved ones.

5. Enjoy tons of entertainment


In case you want to hang out with your friends, you might want to invite them to go straight to the mall. Malls host a series of mall shows and concerts almost every month. Good news is, some of these are for free!

Megaworld Lifestyle Malls offers fun that doesn’t stop at shopping, dining and pampering. It offers Filipinos with children’s attractions, state-of-the-art cinemas and a pulsating nightlife that puts malling to a different level.
With stunning architecture and a never-ending search for fresh entertainment, you’re always in for a surprise at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls!